The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 24  

Episode 24, Three Legged Stool

It’s a special show this week as the Kel­Ry unit records live from their living room couch. The subjects today touch on all three of the pillars (music, mortality, and happiness) that are the foundation of the show. Listen in as our intrepid twosome tell some personal stories about their many different lives in the music industry as DJs, musicians, promoters, entrepreneurs, publishers and administrators. The show wraps up with a few words about two very special folks that have recently shuffled off this mortal coil.

The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 23  

Episode 23: Let Us Be Happy

Music is such an integral part of our everyday life that we hardly take the time to stop and notice the extent of its pervasiveness. Whether you’re plodding mindlessly through some mundane task or piously participating in a sacred act, chance are, that if you bend your ear a bit, you’ll hear a soundtrack. With this in mind, Kell Bell and Ryno have a spirited discussion about the connection of music and ritual. To top it all off, they steal a song from an adjacent culture’s jukebox and perform it for you. 

The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 22  

Episode 22: The Silver Screen

This week’s episode finds our desolate duo recently returned from a field trip to the local movie house where they went for a viewing of the recent release, “I Saw the LIght”. The film is a bio pic based on the turbulent life of country music legend, Hank Williams. Kelly and Ryan don their movie critic hats and share their respective reactions to the movie and then cap the discussion with a performance of the classic gospel song, “Driftin’ Too Far from the Shore”. 


The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 21  

Episode 21: Work Shirkin'

This week Kelly and Ryan took some time from their busy schedules to talk over the art, science, and lore of avoiding labor. From bum anthems to laziness manifestos, our tireless yet work­adverse couple conversationally examine the prevalence, provenance and importance of “work­shirkin’” songs in the folk tradition. Kick up your feet, call in sick and pop in your ear buds for yet another edifying episode of The Aching Hearts Show! 


The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 19  

Episode 19: Of Balls and Chains

The Binary Babbling Consortium is at it again. In this week’s thrilling episode they flip last week’s script and have a frank chat about the legacy of patriarchal domination in our culture, marriage as a kind of house arrest, sexism, the Greek pantheon, suffrage, and how Socrates’ nagging wife did us all a solid. ‘Nuff said. 

The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 18  

Episode 18: Single Girl, Married Girl

True to Aching Hearts form, our intrepid hosts take a good look at the age old tradition of melodious “man­hating”. Find out what some songs in the folk tradition have to say about lazy, drunk, cheatin’, tobacco­spittin’ husbands and the women charged to put up with them. To top it all off, Kelly and Ryan perform a classic of this sub­genre in which the narration wryly compares and contrasts the two sides of the matrimonial coin.

The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 17  

Episode 17: Folk State


Inspired by their recent attendance at the Folk Alliance International conference, Kelly and Ryan shine the spotlight on a handful of hard­working musicians you may or may not have heard of. The aim of this special episode is to champion a few fellow folk­a­nauts while introducing you to a curated roster of exceptionally­ talented musicians out on the scene today.

Bands to check out:

Dori Freeman - 

“Colonel” JD Wilkes - 

Kaia Kater - 

Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton - 

High Plains Jamboree - 

Miss Tess & the Talkbacks -

Halden Wofford & the Highbeams - 

Betse & Clarke - 

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons - 

Kristin Andreassen - 

Jefferson Hamer - 

Anna & Elizabeth - 

Adam Tanner - 

Los Texmaniacs -


The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 16  

Episode 16: Uncivil Disobedience 


Our loquacious lovebirds take a look at the curious profusion of anti­authority narratives that exist in so many folk and roots songs. From law­breaking to rebellion to no­holds­barred militant libertarianism, there’s no shortage of plunky disobedience in the people’s music. Kelly and Ryan examine a few of these unruly songs and then sing you a peppy rendition of an agitatin’ classic.


The Aching Hearts Show, Episode 15  

Episode 15: C-H-I-C-K-E-N


No exploration of Americana/folk music is complete until one has seriously considered the chicken and all of its culturo­-musical implications. Though this episode may lack some of the erudition and sophistication you’ve come to expect from Spearman & Wells, this deep­dive into the wonderful world of ​Gallus gallus domesticus ​will not fail to edify and delight the lucky listener​!